Gregg is a natural leader!

I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to motivate, ignite initiative and inspire those around him and feel lucky to have been coached and mentored by him over the last 10 months.

Gregg is an artful communicator, with a clear vision and a very well thought-out plan to execute his vision. He empowers his team and creates an environment of trust and respect, where the members of his team can grow and learn through experimentation. He leads by example and is not afraid to jump into the rubbles to pick things up, if ever necessary.

Gregg is an analytical person, with a keen eye into streamlining processes and improving the overall effectiveness of the activity his department leads

There is no debate in my mind that Gregg has the drive, passion, ability and determination to succeed in any project he elects to commit to.

I would welcome and enjoy the opportunity to work alongside with him in the future.

Raluca Gorbanescu

With confidence that I recommend

It is with confidence that I recommend Next Level Automotive Group to any automotive dealership organization that believes their Service and Parts operation has room to improve its productivity.

NLAG’s professionalism, vision, clarity and accountability made our selection easy.

William Carmichael
President – Summit Automotive Partners

A vital role in our success

Dean, just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you and the meeting was one of the best I have personally attended in 25 years at this dealer. Its nice to have a council of this format. I look forward to the future meetings and all the great ideas and processes that came from the group. Your experience in the business has a vital role in our success. And of course I came back to work and had to hold myself back from changing the world overnight. It really brought to my attention that we are understaffed severely. I started a new ASM yesterday and a greeter. Will continue to work on recruiting and staffing. A lot of knowledge in that meeting, and years of experience. The money spent by the dealer on this council is a no brainer. Thanks again. See you in September and look forward to it.

Paul Hardin, Service Manager
Tuscaloosa Toyota