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How we improve

Dealership Performance

Next-Level is an automotive training and consulting firm, focused on Fixed Operations and Leadership Development. We offer a wide range of services including:

Service Advisor Training

Service Manager and Leadership Development 

Service Drive Process Improvement

Strategic Consulting

Next-Level facilitates brainstorming with the Dealer Principal, General Manager, Fixed Ops Director, and other key leaders for the selection of the best strategies for you and your team.

Operational Execution

We conduct thorough process effectiveness reviews to identify the key drivers that will quickly provide the greatest impact. Next-Level works with your management team to develop a specific, measurable, action plan that is realistic with deadlines for implementation and performance.

Learning & Performance

We utilize adult learning science to create blended learning programs that are effectively retained and applied on the job. This results in lasting behavior change and drives performance improvement with our Service Advisor and Service Manager development.

Leadership Development

Next-Level Automotive Group is the most highly accredited leadership development firm in the dealership fixed operations space.

We have the unique capability of weaving essential leadership skills and concepts throughout our fixed operations training and development.

Leaders are the driving force of their team! 

TRusted By

Automotive Industry Leaders

I have been the fixed operations director for multiple dealer groups, and I brought Next-Level with me through every transition. This partnership has been crucial to the success of the fixed operations department I led. Not only are they skilled at getting “down in the trenches” with new hire Service Advisors, but also they have the leadership and operations acumen to train veteran managers to a superior standard. I’ve worked with their E-learning platform from its start. It plays a pivotal role in the success of our stores. They provide a hybrid learning experience of e-learning, live virtual training, and in person coaching which brings me amazing return on my investment. I would highly recommend them if you are wanting your dealer group to go from good to great!

Hank Carr

Director Of Operations at Vaughan Automotive



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Service Advisor Training

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