Grow Your Dealership


We offer a strategy and a culture of doing business that focuses on creating the best experience for the customer, and by doing so builds brand loyalty. Your customers will buy more and feel good about their purchasing decisions.

We develop curriculum and process based on clients needs and uniqueness
vs a “one-size-fits-all” approach to training.

Advisor Development


Next-Level e-Learning courses are designed to develop knowledge in a fun and entertaining way. Our courses are highly interactive, engaging, and require problem solving skills, unlike other traditional lecture style training methods. The quality content is collaboratively developed with veterans that have 30+ years of experience in the automotive industry.

Live Instructor-Led Training

The majority of Next-Level’s training experience is in this arena of instructor led training. There are several advantages to live training such as: group interaction, the ability to read body language of students, demonstrate skills and techniques you are teaching. Many clients strongly prefer this methodology based on the advantages above. This style of training primarily focuses on new content and concepts.

Boot Camp & Coaching Sessions

Unlike the instructor led training, the boot camp and coaching sessions focus on reinforcing and developing competency in actually demonstrating the concepts taught. At times, this requires intense practice, spaced repetition, and critiquing student behavior. Instructor led training gives them the knowledge, meanwhile boot camp and coaching turns that knowledge into skill.

Management Development

Group Service Manager Development

With over 30 years of live & virtual service management seminars, Next-Level leads the pack in interactive, impactful, and action oriented service manager training.

One on One Service Manager Mentorship & Coaching

Forward thinking dealers and GMs are able to identify high potential people who require development and coaching that is tailored to each individual’s needs. Using Maxwell coaching and industry proven techniques, we create a custom plan to take those high potential people to the Next-Level.

Performance Groups

Using key indicators & operational opportunities, we put great minds together to share solutions and drive performance. Next-Level is unique in how we do performance groups. Most performance groups drill down on numbers and request improvements when needed.

Dealership Development

General Manager Fixed Operations Training & Development

Some of our most progressive clients believe that their General Managers need to have more than a shallow level of understanding in fixed operations. The lack of depth leads to a lack of wisdom in driving that part of their business.

Operational & Financial Consulting

Using financial data, employee/customer feedback, and veteran consultant observations, Next Level helps dealers create a plan of action and implement lasting changes.

Process Redesign & Improvement

Next-Level specializes in process design and process improvement for service drive and shop production. We take pride in making process development a tool, not just a task.