Success Formula

How we create


The Next-Level success formula includes three primary pieces: Knowledge Development, Skill Development, and Reinforcement. Focusing on these pieces and applying them across our services with various training methods is how we deliver success.


The first step of behavior change starts with understanding and developing knowledge. We are experienced in creating an engaging environment for students to learn.



True success comes from applying knowledge, transforming it into skill. Next-Level takes a “learn by doing” approach to skill development. We focus on high-intensity practice sessions to perfect students’ execution of the skills.

Applied Reinforcement

Consistent reinforcement of core principles transforms skills into lasting behavior change. We equip managers with the tools necessary to reinforce desired behaviors long after the training is complete.

How we Deliver OUR


Next-Level understands no two companies are alike. Therefore we offer 3 different learning methods that will allow you to customize your educational path.  We allow our customers the opportunity to blend our methods which creates the perfect fit.  We understand a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not the key to success.

Live On-site Training

Live VirtuaL Training




Let Next-Level be your missing piece and help you deliver success within your company.  

We tailor our approach to your specific needs

Ray McNeill

Ray began his career in the automotive business over 47 years ago, working in every facet of the dealership for the first 21 years and consulting/developing others for the next 26 years. Ray started in the sales department learning the business from the ground up. He also worked in parts and service, completing his dealership career with ten years as a Fixed-Ops Director.

Ray guided a large metro store that operated two shifts, open daily from 7:00 am – midnight. His dealership was top ten in the country for CSI, always profitable, and had a staff that remained together for years.

Dean Estep provided Ray with the opportunity to launch a second career as a facilitator by permitting him to teach a class with only 24 hours to prepare. Ray studied the material, taught the class successfully, and the next (as they say) is history.

Ray’s dealership foundation launched the second half of his career where he naturally took to developing and consulting for dealerships and the aftermarket. For the past 26 years, Ray has worked with over fifteen manufacturers in various roles including: facilitator, corporate team leader, remote learning host, coach, webinar presenter, course designer, focus group moderator. He joined Service Operation Specialist, a national recognized training company where he progressed from project manager to National Field Manager. Ray also has experience in assessing, consulting and training coaches and staff for Bombardier Powersports dealerships in the US and Canada.

Ray’s thorough understanding of Fixed Operations leads to instant credibility among dealership personnel and he is thrilled to rejoin Dean Estep and the Next Level Automotive Group team.

In his spare time, Ray enjoys restoring older vehicles, riding motorcycles and boating.