“Gerald Automotive Group partnered with Next-Level Automotive Group in 2017 based on the recommendation of one of my 20 group mentors. We use them in many areas including: Fixed ops performance groups, management training, as well as service advisor training and development. Their techniques include a robust online e-Learning platform, live on-site training, and virtual coaching. 

Currently, we are engaged with Next-Level for a comprehensive General Manager initiative, training my GMs in fixed operations interspersed with powerful leadership development.”

Doug Gerald – President of Gerald Auto Group

“We partnered with Next Level several years ago in doing performance groups, service manager development, and service advisor training. 

We now house their e-Learning system on our Corporate LMS and use them in multiple live training events throughout the year. They provide great value in Service Manager operational development and leadership. My team looks forward to the sessions and talk about it for months afterwards. We have engaged with Next-level next year to continue growing this dynamic relationship.”

Brian Galloway – Vice President of Fixed Operations at Anderson Automotive Group

“I work for Asbury Automotive which is Fortune 500 Company. Asbury chose Next Level Auto Group to provide some of their future leaders with training. 
I must say, that was the most in-depth training I’ve been provided in my entire 24-year career in the automotive industry. The training is designed to help you succeed in leadership roles. In my opinion, that’s exactly what they did. Their ability to seamlessly provide a professional, friendly, and comfortable environment while training us, made it easy to understand what we were learning and how to apply in our current and future roles.
I really appreciate Deano and all of the staff. Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience and I hope to be fortunate enough to cross paths with Next Level Auto Group in the future for more training opportunities.”

T’Lira Henry – Service Consultant at Courtesy Palm Harbor Honda

“We have been working with Next-Level Automotive Group for years doing live training and coaching. At the beginning of last year during Covid, I was skeptical about how effective live virtual coaching could be. But that skepticism soon went away when I noticed the improvement of my service advisors’ confidence. My advisors’ sales started skyrocketing. I think one of the biggest influences on their increased sales came from the constant repetition and practice with Next-Level, which boosted their confidence and ability to close sales more effectively. I highly recommend Next-Level for virtual coaching and service advisor development”

“I am a BELIEVER in Next Level and a BELIEVER in Dean, he’s the BEST!”

Chuck Dziak – Service Manager at Gerald Auto Group

“My general manager engaged Next-Level to serve as coaches to help me advance my career. I’ve been doing one-on-one virtual coaching sessions with Marc Wollard and Dean Estep for almost a year. The result has been transformational change in financial results, customer retention, and employee satisfaction. 

Working with Next-Level is like a booster shot for me. Every time we have a coaching session, we dive deep into various topics such as 

  • Production and express cycle times
  • Process redesign and improvement
  • Achieving financial goals
  • Incorporating my empathy for people into my leadership style with it being seen as a strength rather than a weakness

Each meeting ends up running a bit over because we get so engulfed in what we’re talking about, neither Marc nor I want to get off the call. Working with Next-Level has been pivotal to my career and job satisfaction. I look forward to what the future holds!”

Rachel Sims – Service Manager at Heyward Allen Toyota

“I have been the fixed operations director for multiple dealer groups, and I brought Next-Level with me through every transition. This partnership has been crucial to the success of the fixed operations department I led. Not only are they skilled at getting “down in the trenches” with new hire Service Advisors, but also they have the leadership and operations acumen to train veteran managers to a superior standard. 

I’ve worked with their E-learning platform from its start. It plays a pivotal role in the success of our stores.  They provide a hybrid learning experience of e-learning, live virtual training  and in person coaching which brings me amazing return on my investment. I would highly recommend them if you are wanting your dealer group to go from good to great!”  

Hank Carr – Director Of Operations at Vaughan Automotive

“I went through Next Level’s e-learning training in preparation for the live sessions. Because of this, during the live coaching sessions, I was able to quickly & effectively learn and demonstrate the skills. I felt the need to take ownership of training our people. Due to that, I went through the training meticulously and now I train our new hires as part of the onboarding process. 

The e-learning training saves time and increases the effectiveness – it is quick, engaging, and impactful. 

The combination of e-learning training and live coaching is a game changer for my team!”

Alec McKean – Vice President Fixed Operations at Gerald Auto Group

“In the past few years, I have introduced Dean and his team to several of my clients. In all cases, we have seen RESULTS. Specifically, improved communication skills, improved employee satisfaction, and most importantly, we have seen BETTER FINANCIAL RESULTS FROM OUR FIXED OPERATIONS.  I highly recommend Next-Level Automotive Group.”

Ric Gregson – 20 Group Moderator – CDK Global – Performance 20 Groups Retail Consultant

“I had the pleasure of attending your Advance Selling Skills class recently. Just wanted to tell you, what an awesome experience it was! To keep a 24 year Toyota veteran engaged in a class like that, should speak volumes to you. I learned a great deal about myself and my interaction with customers. The DiSC profile is an invaluable tool. I would love to see more classes dedicated to this sort of learning. I look forward to the next one.”

Greg Brewer – Toyota Certified Parts Specialist – Nalley Toyota Roswell

Dean is a phenomenal resource and amazing teacher. His ability to lead, teach, and engage are truly second to none.

I was sent to a training seminar with Dean, and after my first I was HOOKED. I always had to ensure that Dean was the trainer.

While it has been some time since my last seminar with Dean, I still find myself echoing his words. This has lead to 3 promotions within the same group and transitions to 2 different brands since my last encounter with Dean.
If you’re looking for an automotive trainer that is absolutely out of this world – you’re looking for Dean and his team with Next-Level Automotive Group!

Branden Shatto –  Territory Sales Manager at Hendrick ADI Network

Ray McNeill

Ray began his career in the automotive business over 47 years ago, working in every facet of the dealership for the first 21 years and consulting/developing others for the next 26 years. Ray started in the sales department learning the business from the ground up. He also worked in parts and service, completing his dealership career with ten years as a Fixed-Ops Director.

Ray guided a large metro store that operated two shifts, open daily from 7:00 am – midnight. His dealership was top ten in the country for CSI, always profitable, and had a staff that remained together for years.

Dean Estep provided Ray with the opportunity to launch a second career as a facilitator by permitting him to teach a class with only 24 hours to prepare. Ray studied the material, taught the class successfully, and the next (as they say) is history.

Ray’s dealership foundation launched the second half of his career where he naturally took to developing and consulting for dealerships and the aftermarket. For the past 26 years, Ray has worked with over fifteen manufacturers in various roles including: facilitator, corporate team leader, remote learning host, coach, webinar presenter, course designer, focus group moderator. He joined Service Operation Specialist, a national recognized training company where he progressed from project manager to National Field Manager. Ray also has experience in assessing, consulting and training coaches and staff for Bombardier Powersports dealerships in the US and Canada.

Ray’s thorough understanding of Fixed Operations leads to instant credibility among dealership personnel and he is thrilled to rejoin Dean Estep and the Next Level Automotive Group team.

In his spare time, Ray enjoys restoring older vehicles, riding motorcycles and boating.